IoT Design & Development Services

Laiwa IoT Device Design

IoT devices & Sensors

Sensors actuators and edge computers. Design of application specific and prototype devices.

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Laiwa IoT Application Development

IoT Application development

Design and deployment of systems for user applications. Tailored solutions and integration with existing systems.

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Laiwa IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity solutions

Mobile connectivity with GSM and LTE. Low Power short range local area networks.

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IoT Cloud Platform

Cloud IoT Platform

Visualisation, security and processing. Data analytics, infographics and dashboards.

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Laiwa IoT Hardware Solutions

Hardware for IoT, electronics design of low power secure hardware for battery powered devices with long life span adhearing to industry standards.

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Laiwa IoT Software Solutions

Software/firmware development for real time applications on bare metal, RTOS and Linux systems. Secure software authentication.

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Laiwa IoT Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI solutions for IoT. Image recognition and data analysis with forward prediction and deep learning.

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Laiwa IoT Security

IoT Security solutions for devices, connectivity and the cloud. Holistic approach to development, deployment and maintainance

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IoT Turnkey Services and Deployments

By giving every device that runs on electricity some digital functionality and connectivity through a network with other devices and overlaying systems, the first step to a digital world has begun. It is expected that every device in the world will in some way be connected in the future. This will provide enourmous possibilities and challanges

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