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Started in 2018, Laiwa Communication Limited is a technology company focusing on IoT, Internet of Things, offering services, products and consultancy in the Internet of Things business space. We offer services stretching from low level hardware and firmware development to IoT system and sensor network design and deployment. We offer an IoT platform concept that is tailored to the specific user cases that our clients have.
Based in London, UK we work with clients on an international basis. Telecom operators, electronic industry and utility and housing companies are examples of our customers.

Please contact us with any type of inquiry regarding IoT development, deployment and support. We have a strong focus on security for IoT devices and systems and can help you to adhere to best industry practices. We focus on low power high performance design of hardware and firmware as well as communication technologies for IoT including NB-IoT, LTE-M and LoRaWAN to name some.


The company was founded by Lars Wallden in 2018 to provide a full coverage of IoT design and development services for projects of various sizes. Working with a combination of fixed consultants and contract developers we can provide dynamic sizeable teams to meet challenges of different types. Our developers have many years of experience in design, development and deployment of IoT technology.

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